Monday, October 01, 2012

Preserving Freedom: Saving America Rally October 13

Hi Merle,

I have tried to reach you by phone, but there has been no answer (didn't wish to leave a voicemail). I am the Welcome Committee chairperson from the Peoria 9/12 Patriots. I wanted to make sure you had received the information about our upcoming major event.

I would like to personally invite you to our Preserving Freedom: Saving America Rally to be held at Five Points in Washington on Saturday, October 13 from 2-5 pm. We have a line-up of great music, outstanding speakers, and political candidates. You will not want to miss it!

The enclosed attachments explain all of the details. The first attachment is a flier with information for any individual or business you may know of who would like to be a patron or sponsor of the event. The other three attachments are color and black and white fliers in different sizes which can be printed off and distributed.

Would you please consider putting this event info on your blog? I know you have a large conservative readership. We would appreciate this a great deal. We want to get information about our event out as far and wide as possible. It would be great to have the auditorium full to over-flowing.
Hope to see you there! Bring your family and friends!
Sherry McChristy
Peoria 9/12 Patriots
I'll be attending, Thanks for the reminder.  Merle

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