Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Obama Green Energy Failures

Some investors pick winners and also losers. Seems like Obama picks only losers. Or should we say, Obama invests taxpayer dollars in companies that supported his campaign?

Obama is not "brilliant". In fact, his actions show that he is a long, long way from even being considered intelligent. Don't look at where a person claims they went to college. There are ways of cheating and graduating from prestigious universities, but be dumb as mud.

Look at their statements and behavior, their opinions and decisions.

Here are just some of the green energy boodoggles and unwanted products that Obama has wasted your hard-earned money on, even though he was warned they were poorly managed and on the brink of bankruptcy:

First Solar
Chevy Volt
Solar Trust of America
Sempra Energy
Beacon Power
Evergreen Solar
Solar Reserve
Nevada Geothermal
Weatherization Assistance Program
Sun Power

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