Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama Campaign Manager Keeps Me Informed



We just learned from campaign finance reports that the Romney campaign and the Republican Party entered October with $34 million more to spend than we had.

That's a problem.

You and I and so many others have worked too hard for too long to let the other side snatch this away from us at the end. But that's exactly what will happen if folks don't get on board before it's too late. 

I will not stand for it. You shouldn't either. So let's close this gap -- chip in $5 or more right now.

Many, many people will be negatively affected if Mitt Romney is allowed to implement his extreme policies. But it falls to those of us who own this campaign, and built it from the ground up, to make the decisive push. 

Please don't wait any longer to take ownership of this campaign -- it's never been more urgent: I'll update you soon with more, and thank you.




Dear Juliana:

I'll pass it along with my check to Romney.


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