Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fisker Automotive Another Obama Plug-In Failure

As I predicted, this recipient of $529 million loan courtesy of Obama, the DOE and you, had their credit line from the government frozen in 2011.

Now the company that was to supply the batteries for Fisker, A123 Systems, Inc., has filed for bankruptcy, joining a long list of Obama's $2.4 billion green energy product failures..

Shades of FireFly here in Peoria, a no fail battery project that went belly-up - see my several articles on this boondoogle - that was supported by everybody who is "supposedly" anybody in Peoria and the State of Illinois who claimed FireFly to be the best thing that hit Illinois since George Ryan and Blago were elected governors.

 To the tune of unknown millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars. Huge loans from "cheerleading"  China to the U.S. to "lend lend us billions"  that we will probably never be able to pay back while China and other foreign countries help support and encourage these boondogles.

When I wrote my blog on Fisker, some wise guy accused me of not supporting industry. He was sure wrong there, I just don't support the stupidity now reigning in D.C.

Change? ABOB: Anybody but Obama and Biden.

Romney and Ryan will hopefully bring some "fresh air" to the country. Get out the vote or for at least 53% of the of us patriotic voters will get more "hot air" and worse for another dreadful four years.

WSJ: "A 123's Flop"

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