Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Bigger Mess Than Obama And His Administration's Mis-Handling of Benghazi

Sent to me by a doctor friend regarding the grading of doctor's performance regarding a section in ObamaCare. Some predict that 30% of doctors will not take new Medicaid patients. 
Get out and vote. This man sitting in the highest office of this nation is a disaster now. Give him four more years??? 
"Taxpayers will be paying for the bums that do not take care of themselves and for able people that do not want to work.

I was in a meeting about health care 2 weeks ago and the Obama emissary, said they will be rewarding physicians based on outcome and best practice. So if one physician has a lot of high risk patients and they are dying he will be penalised and another who has low risk patients will be paid more. So that will lead to Drs. not taking high risk. I told that guy there is no health care system in the world that does that.

Also the 15 member beuracrats will decide on many important patients treatment decision based on a recipe book they have. It will be a big mess."
Message from my doctor friend.

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