Friday, July 06, 2012

Peoria County Continues Spending

I'm publishing an old "draft". When I left the board in December, 2010 after 10 years of building up fund balances, the JS announced this year that the County would run an approximate $1.2 million deficit.

Here is the old unpublished draft.

Despite warnings that the economy may very well be entering the feared double dip recession, Peoria County Administration and Board continues spending on non-priority items.

The latest release from the County says the "County will be running a bus for board members on Tuesday and Thursday to visit the site of tornado damage in Elmwood and the vicinity.

I have made two trips personally on my own nickel to view the damage and talk with some residents. The Land Use Committee has recommended unanimously to waive building permits (with parameters) for reconstruction and repaid of damaged buildings and there is NO doubt the the full board will approve our action this Thursday.

So why tie up drivers, administration and board members for taxpayer paid trips to Elmwood? Unless, of course Elmwood is going to ask for more taxpayer dollars as I understand that some of the buildings were uninsured????Notice of this planned trip was received by email Friday and the Courthouse is closed Monday. Some board members do not have personal email addresses.

Board members were also notified that a search team has been hired to recommend a replacement for our departed Financial Officer. Some of us on the board have hired dozens of employees successfully and our administrator has been on the job at the our courthouse for 9 and one half years. We have had for some time a Human Resources Manager.

At Thursdays meeting, the board will be asked to commit to borrowing.

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Merle Widmer said...

This is an old blog that during my computer problems got moved up. The county has long since helped bail Elmwood out at least part pf their financial problems and have hired a very capable Financial Officer.

Sorry about reposting old information but sooner or later we will get the new system working.