Monday, July 30, 2012

McConoughey Out?

I've heard no news but I suspect his tenure is in jeopardy. While Peoria has had a tremendous building boom, almost all projects completed are TAX COLLECTING bodies. Those create a handful of above standard living wages with pensions, but minus Cat new jobs, they are not what is expected of the people in charge of bringing new business to Peoria.

If McConoughey is out, he should be followed before the year is over, by at least 4 others wbo have some type of managerial duties under the HEARTLAND umbrella. There and have been for a long time, too many committees and too many people with titles and not enough people out of their comfortable offices and in the selling field.

Plus too many failures. (Think FireFly) Sure Pro Bass, who E. Peoria bought, that's spelled correctly, and Cat expansion bought by union no stoke promises and State, City Federal giveaways, how much, ordinary citizens like me will never know.

TRANSPORT, whose head guy has been on the job starting 7 years. Perhaps I've missed it but the main progress appears to be made in print.

In the meanwhile, expect cost of living to rise rather sharply in Peoria County; the County, of course, includes the City. Plus no project of any size has met projections and the horizon of met projects does not appear rosy.

One bright spot appears to be that the Civic Center has cut their losses compared to last fiscal year.

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steven edward streight said...

The Land of Boondoggles. It's like some people earn a living by being a parasite off texpayer money via boondoggles. Stupid deceptive projects that fail, but pay good money to those in charge of the sinking ships. Crazy. Evil.