Saturday, July 14, 2012

Japanese Beetles - Traps Work But Don't Work

Neither does the pesticide recommended by one prominent nursery. Last year, we killed probably 60,000 beetles with one beetle trap, only to find out that our trap was attracting beetles from far away. We learned that unless everybody in the neighborhood had traps in front of leaves and fruit that beetles eat, (they will even eat birch and maple tree leaves) the beetles and possums would all come to our trees. We could see beetles flying in across our wide large yard ususally riding with the wind.

Between the possums and the beetles, not one peach was spared.

One Peoria Journal Star "reporter" said Peoria had fewer beetles than last year. The next day, that report was reversed. We had fewer beetles but just as destructive as last year. This year we discarded the traps.

This year, we used the spray recommended by the nursery. It worked for two days so we sprayed again with the same results except the possums are winning.

Japanese beetles breed faster than Islamic terrorist ignorant or frightened, clit removed, wives.

It appears, even with drones and beetle spray and beetle traps, we are losing both battles.

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