Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peoria Public School District #150 Adminstration and Board Lack of Interest in Minor Sports Like Tennis

If you want to pad your salary and pension, be a teacher at 150 and volunteer to coach a minor sport. You will be paid 11% of your salary, so if you are making, say $40,000 a year, you would get paid $4,400 to coach either boys or girls tennis. The union does not permit unpaid skilled volunteers to be head coach of any sport.

Didn't or don't play the game? No problem. Example: the nice young teacher who coached Manual High Boys tennis last year. And maybe this year. I don't know as I only attended one Manual match advertised on the JS sports page and no one showed up.. And players don't need to show up for practice to play as Manual has trouble finding 6 kids to play the nine matches scheduled. As was the example yesterday at Manual vs. Notre Dame where Notre Dame showed up with more than enough players and Manual, the home team didn't.

The results didn't even make today's sports page. It is the home team that reports the scores, seldom the visitor.

When I inquired what Notre Dame paid coaches for competitive school athletic events, I learned the the Notre Dame football; coach doesn't even make $4,400.

I've stated that most unpaid boards are incompetent. I can think of a no better group than the current board at shrinking #150. When I look at my property tax bill and note that %48 goes to suopport, 150, I wonder why I.................

So sad.

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