Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Union Leaders Lies to Get Obama Reelected

Gerald W. McEntee, of the Wisconsin Teachers Union lie was caught by officials of The Heritage Foundation and The American Enterprise and myself. McEntee lied that "retirees with pensions after a full service career retire with about $19,000 per year" when the actual figure figure as reported by the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System reports that the average for "full public service career" is $39,780.

Workers in the private sector average about half that amount. Why? Easy question. The private sector is trying to make a profit so they can pay taxes to support the millions of people on outrageous public pensions..As I stated before, it is union bosses and incompentent boards, or union supporting board members being reminded by union bosses of what to do or how to vote if they want to be reelected.
Easy answers to a major reason why Caterpillar and many other companies have shifted a great deal of their work overseas or to right to work states whle strong union states like Illinois are going broke.

As I already reported, my wife taught 5 1/2 years and has accumulated about $240,000 in her pension fund. She could draw around $13,000 a year guaranteed  for 15 years right now if she wished. After 15 years, she would probably draw even more.

She didn't teach in Illinois, but in Wisconsin, where they have a realistic Republican Governor.

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