Monday, April 02, 2012

Bamopoly - The New Game Board

Sent to me by a concerned friend. Not just in Washington but in all state capitals, city councils and county boards.


Who designed this and who is throwing the dice? Same answer to both. Its so real its scary. We have absolutely no idea just how bad off we are. When I was a little girl and my father was in politics he once told me that if the general public really knew what was going on behind closed doors in Washington D.C. that the whole country would run for the cliff like lemurs, because they couldn't handle the truth. We know more now than we did then and we still can't handle the truth. We don't know how to gather together and stand up and fight back with a workable plan in sight. We want change, but we are too weak and stupid to do it ourselves so we elected a man who claimed to bring us change. Unfortunately we didn't ask what KIND of change

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