Saturday, March 03, 2012

Museum Folks in D.C. Begging For More Money?

So says "Dennis in Peoria" on a comment on the Peoria Chronicle blog site. These people have no regard for the average citizens pocketbook yet complain that government spending is out of control. I consistenly maintanied that those who wanted a new museum should pay for it.

Maybe some of the Cat insiders who recently sold around 250,000 Cat shares; mainly insiders like Buda, Lavin, Wunning and Rapp will kick some of their large profits into the kitty.

And don't forget, if you are a Peoria County resident, you get 15% discount on admission. Or will that promise be broken same as many other promises made like an IMAX?

Incidently, IMAX stock, some of which I own, is up about 35% in the last few months.

Spending of tax dollars up for non-priority projects, of course, it is. Both by Democrats, (mainly) and Republicans.

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