Friday, March 30, 2012

Club For Growth - Conservatives Disappointed in Paul Ryan's Budget Proposal

Google Club For Growth and get the whole story. Basically, the conservative group says, "We are right on the economics of the plan because we are demanding that the GOP follow through on spending cuts it promised to make NOW, not in the future. We are right on politics, because the GOP gave voters its word. Now the Republicans are breaking that promise and cultivating seeds of distrust with the American public."

Watching the type of spending local elected officials support, I do not see much change in spending no matter what party gets elected. Why I support the ouster of Obama and his ilk is because they have made too many commitments to non-profit organizations (the public sector including the federal government) and compassion driven organizations; mostly welfare, belligerent unions, all who continually ask for more such as foreign governments who laugh behind our backs as we unload train loads of cash and credit.

What most people who think somewhat similar to me want is more privatization of government, greater growth in the private sector CREATING NOT SPENDING more money to support the working class, less stringent regulation, continued development of fossil fuels while continuing to develop sensible alternate energy (think Solandra) sp , reduction of the public debt, level playing fields, politicians that worry less about being reelected than offending their big supporters, less overall taxes, less crime and more employment in the private sector and overall security.

Plus an opportunity to learn how to make a better life for themselves without this better life at the expensive of their peers.

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