Friday, March 09, 2012

Amtrak - Buy a Ticket and Travel Twice the Distance at More Money Than an Airplane Ticket

I recently thought it might be intererting to buy a ticket from Sarasota to Bloomington, Il. Here is where I would have traveled: Bus from Sarasota to Orlando, from Orlando to Washington, D.C., from D.C. to Chicago and from Chicago to Bloomington. Time span - 2 days in coach.

Responsible for your own baggage transfer from the bus.

Cost, as a senior $326.40. Cancellation fee $32.64.

Air Trans - Sarasota to Bloomington, $220.00, Time span approximately 6 hours without the responsibility of baggage transfer.

When I called to cancel Amtrak, I was put on indefinite hold although I could hear conversations in the background,

No wonder Amtrak is a financial disaster. And our local government leaders think Amtrak in Peoria would be the greatest thing to hit Peoria since FireFly.

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