Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Bush, No Christie, No Ron Paul

Read Columnist Dorothy Rabinowitz, my favorite WSJ writer for a sum-up of why we don't need a Ron Paul or his type to run against Obama. (Opinion page Dec. 22, WSJ) No more Bushs' for at least 2-3 decades, and Christie couldn't win either.

In fact, with Obama's win on the payroll tax issue; this win supported by the mostly well-meaning divisive and inept Republican leadership, Obama's stacking of the NLRB with hard core union supporters, Lisa Jackson ruling on supposedly saving the climate and the planet (I'd put her on a row boat to China if I could) her intentions promoted by Obama to put fossil fuel producers out of business so we can have more greens' taxpayer funded poor energy solutions like cellulose, wind farms, wood chip gasoline and electric cars, Obama has satisfied enough of his voting base that I guarantee you it will be no Republican rout in November 2012.

Plus the Obama supported staying power of this countries largest financial disasters, Fannie and Freddie. Those who benefit from the waste of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars by these two politically supported country wrecking institutions, will all vote for Obama in 2012.

Obama could be photographed in bed with Hillary and Barack wouldn't lose a thousand votes.

Most voters will enter this November election believing it is the Republicans who are the problem in the economy. Those who support him benefit from his actions that will eventually destroy this country. Most of them are greedy people more interested in personal gain than they are the long-term future of this country.

How can I say this? 50% of the country believes Obama is doing a good job. Why? Because he is a phony charming charlatan who stepped into a vacuum created by George Bush, Jr. and the "Republican good old boy and girls club" led by too many weak Central Committees.

In the meantime, Democrats are praying that Newt is selected. Their researchers and script writers are working day and night. Democrats are also hoping Ron Paul will try to create a third party which Paul is just vindictive enough to do.

The liberal journalists and pundits are having a ball and will all the way through 2012. I never thought I would live to see so many people mis-led by propagandists even the worst dictators could have ever dreamed of creating.

I see little change. Many of us who support the Tea Party Movement are going to be diappointed. The election of 2012 will not be the election of 2010, at least on the big one that counts the most.

So sad.

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