Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My Mutual of Omaha "Aha" Moment

A week ago Tuesday, I was one of the people in this area selected to tell my Mutual of Omaha "Aha" Moment. My moment was how my learning to play tennis at the age of 55 led me to be at The Army-Navy Country Club playing in a National Tournament when the American Airline plane commandeered by Islamic terrorist flew over our heads at about 300 yards, changing direction and moments later striking the Pentagon.

My story, along with everyone else interviewed by Mutual of Omaha in their film studio equipped van traveled across the U.S., can be found on the Internet. When their tour in completed all stories will be voted by Mutual of Omaha net viewers with the winner appearing in a Mutual of Omaha advertisement later on.

It was a nice experience that got better when Jessica Henry told me that her grandfather was a tournament volunteer at the Arlington Army-Navy Country Club. I remember meeting him. All of the people who ran the tournament were super nice. One time, I forgot a jacket and tie for a dinner event and the volunteers found me a coat and tie.

Great experiences with mostly great people who volunteer to run Senior tournaments in the U.S. After a leg enjury this late spring, I hope to be back to normal soon and continue playing the game that promises to keep me young forever???

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