Thursday, August 11, 2011

Billions for Stimulus But What Jobs Created?

"What Jobs?" says an article from the Associated Press. Phony numbers, feel good numbers, well we ought to know about numbers here in Peoria. "A Colorada company said it created 4,231 jobs with stimulus money help." The real number; less than 1000. "A child care center in Florida (nothing surprises me when it comes to lies and fraud in sunny Florida) said it saved 129 jobs with stimulus money. Instead it gave pay raises to its existing employees."

$789 billion for trails and recreation, some money for filling potholes and capping road beds, private sector workers leaving their jobs to fill government-sponsored jobs created by the "unprecdented effort" says a White House spokseman for the budget office.

The White House data is skewed to make this administration look good. "Because these data do not tell us where these new workers came from and what happens to the slots when they leave, he numbers cannot answer the ultimate question: How many NET jobs were created? A similair point holds for those who are reported as RETAINED, only in this case the issue is that some of those retained would have moved to different jobs rather than to the pool of unempolyed had they been let go. This government is reporting gross number not the relevant net numbers.

Few jobs were permanenetly created in the private sector while new federal employees were hired by the thousands.

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