Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pigford Vs. Glickman and Shirley Sherrod's Resignation

The question is how much money did Sherrod (personally before she resigned) and the black farmers scam from the taxpayers? And are thy still scamming. It is reported that twice the actual number of black farmers TRIED, applied for our money (are they succeeding)? than there were actual involved in the federal payout of billions.

Not hard to figure out why the country IS going broke with Obama's help with this bill.

Sorry folks, but the situation that our politicians, especially the Obama Democrats, have put us in defies description.

As the WSJ reports, "the economy is worse than you think" and I said "not true for all", including some corporations that were favorites of this corrupt administration.

For my followers, no I didn't hold my IMAX, I sold at $35.40 and $36.78. Wish I had sold my CAT stock. In fact, right now, I wish I had sold all my stock 4-6 weeks ago.

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