Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Certain Peoria Black Younger People and Their Ilk

From Starr Street, to Proctor Center, to Manual and Peoria High, from our poorly disciplined schools to over-crowding of our jails and juvenile courts, blockage of the streets in groups, small and large. Van Auken, no asset on our City Council, needs to be replaced next election. Those who live in her district should be working now. I'll raise money for the right person.

I don't have much hope, though. Last election, all three incumbents up for election were reelected. And expect Chuck Weaver to carefully pick his words as he is in business and a member of the upper elite who have been telling us how to run Peoria for a long time.

And today, I read that Carl Cannons, wife, Sherry, described as a youth advocate, and like all good Democrats, writes an editorial stating that Obama, who sends his kids to private schools, is doing a wonderful job and she would vote for him again.

Just what are some of the black kids mentioned above learning from their leadership in Peoria?

The results? Obvious.

P.S. Kudos to The Peoria Chronicle and Paul Wilkinson for getting out the truth, Luciano, well what would you expect him to write?

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