Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Business Abandons Illinois in Total

Electrolux in Bloomington closed all operations employing 180 workers and are relocating. Guess where? A "right to work state", Charlotte, South Carolina. Isn't that where Boeing opened a huge new plant today?

Interesting that the JS didn't mention the closing. But then again, most of their news now comes from out of town. Even Chris K. who was in the Editorial Department is now writing columns. Replacing Democrat Karen McDonald, a prejudiced reporter who tried to cover Peoria County meetings.

McDonald's last major story was that the museum had "exceeded" their fund raising goals. Wrong again, Karen. The headline was wrong and should have said, "PRM still short $10 million for the endowment and much of the private money is still in pledges". The new saying is 'a bird in the bush is -----worth nothing'.

But I'm told the City Editor writes the headline copy so can't blame Karen for that.

Another newsworthy note is that Texas leads the nation in new hires in the private sector. A right to work state?

Sure is. Both these states are where CAT has relocated part of their business.

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