Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Merle Widmer's Blog Search

I've knocked out about 50 blogs so far this month. You may have missed some. Easy way to find any of my 1600 plus blogs is as follows:

Go to a blog I've posted.
In the upper right hand column you will see a "Search Bar".
If you want to know everything I've written about Chuck Grayeb, Peoria City Council candidate, just type in "Chuck Grayeb".
If you want to most everything I've written about the $27 million zoo expansion just type in "Zooillogical"
For the new still unfunded new museum type in PRM or Lakeview Museum.
Anything I've written about Dave Koehler, Ray LaHood, Aaron Schock, "Keeping up with the Jones, School District #150, the Peoria Park District, "Common Sense", etc., and so on.

All my old blogs from August 2004 can be found this way.

At the age of almost 86, I will not be blogging much longer. I plan to leave this site up as long as is legal.

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