Thursday, March 10, 2011

Governor Walker - Common Sense Wins One Battle

Read Governor Walker's column on the Opinion Page of today's issue of the Wall Street Journal. I encourage all interested in better government and balanced budget's read this very informative article.

Seniority should never be the sole criteria for promotion or holding one's job. lIFO, union rules, last hired, first out regardless of performance, seldom works as Governor Walker proves when he writes of a first year teacher winning a high educational award but because of union "incentive job killing" actions and in turn "country killing" actions, she was laid off right after she won the award.

Way to go, you Democrats.

Any Walker supporters heading for Madison. I would like to go.


Dear Tea Party Patriot,

Huge news out of Wisconsin last night, and the news is incredible for the Tea Party movement! Republican Senators in Wisconsin used a procedural move that allowed them to pass the Union reform measures that caused 14 cowardly Democrats to flee the state. To put it simply WE WON!!!!!!

The people of Wisconsin have broken the stranglehold of corrupt public unions! This is good for teachers, good for students, and great for Wisconsin taxpayers. The media was ready to announce that the Tea Party was dead and had been replaced with a “revitalized labor movement.” Well, we have news for the unions, the liberal media, and everybody who espouses the dangerous liberal agenda: THE TEA PARTY IS STRONGER THAN EVER!

We must be prepared to defend these courageous Republican leaders from the inevitable liberal attacks. We must be prepared to move towards more victories with similar legislation in states across the country. Help us keep the momentum going by making a generous contribution by clicking here.

We will continue to support public union reform across the nation, but we can only secure big victories like the one in Wisconsin when we receive your support. Will you contribute $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to help us secure more critical victories for America's future?

Thank You,

Todd Cefaratti
Executive Director

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