Thursday, February 03, 2011

Patrick Urich - New City Manager of Peoria

All as I predicted in my two blogs shortly after Urich announced his resignation from the County Board. He is still employed by Peoria County until around the first days of April.

Now we will see how well I predicted his salary and benefits. Also. whether Peoria County Associate Administrator Scott Sorell is appointed interim administrator of full Peoria County Administrator.

Weather in Sarasota is lovely. Next stop Cancun. We are in touch with our neighbors and some friends.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Merle, you deserve a nice time after your battles on behalf of Peoria County Citizens.

Steve said...

I'd find it very difficult to manage any entity that relies on a "taxing" body for maintaining
itself. A Panel that bases its actions on future "tax dollars"
has no real plan, only a "presumed" outcome.
The debt is rooted in what was only presumed, as tomorrow is also. And eventually the taxpayer will be bled dry, ask the poor who once had jobs.