Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Obamaisms and Religous Strife

Take time to read an article in the October issue of the Smithsonian magazine, titled "God and Country" by Kenneth C. Davis. The article quotes Obama lending his support to the now world famous New York "mosque", Obama said, "This is America. And our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome and that they will not be treated differently."

Really? It is so? Perhaps Obama and his speech writers should have had a brush-up on religious tolerance history in America. Quoting from Davis's article, "From the earliest arrival of Europeans on America's shores, religion has often been a cudgel, used to discriminate, suppress, and even kill the foreign, the 'heretic' and the 'non-believer'-including the heathen natives already here. Moreover, while it is true that the vast majority of the early-generation Americans were Christian, the pitched battles between various Protestant sects and, more explosively, between Protestants and Catholics, present an unavoidable contradiction to the widely held notion that America is a Christian nation."

Davis continues, "The much ballyhooed arrival of the Pilgrims and Puritans in New England in the early 1600's was indeed a response to persecution that these religious dissenters had experienced in England. But the Puritan fathers of Massachusetts did not countenance tolerance of opposing religious views. Their 'city on a hill' was a theocracy that brooked no dissent, religious or political."

Better read more history, Mr. President, religious strife, including the forced removal of the heathen natives, has been a major fact and a controversial topic in America and the world millenniums before I learned to read and comprehend. Even Presidential nominee, Catholic Jack Kennedy had to announce that his loyalty was to America, rather than the Pope, before he was elected.

I am not going to enter into a debate about loyalty and tolerance; where I stand has been made obvious in my writings. Here in America, worship as you please, just don't try to force (you can tell about your religious beliefs if we wish to listen) your religious beliefs; there are a reputed 10,000 different religious groups in this country, on me or others. I show respect to most all religions and to every religion that demonstrates loyalty to the United States of America.

My family and close relatives consider ourselves Christians and number among our friends Jews, Arabs, etc., and people (or their ancestors) who came from distant shores.

Anyway, read the article. It is a refresher course that Obama should have read before he reiterated hanging out the welcome mat.

On Ground Zero, I have capsulized all the information to date and stand by my original blog. Muslims who support this mosque, please show more common sense and respect for others feelings. You have thousands of mosques in this country. Why did you plan one that you had to know would become so controversial about it's location?

In Peoria, Muslims are even opening a school. I hope this school welcomes all religious beliefs to visit and that your school turns out well rounded Americans who support the Constitution (with it's Amendments and the right to legally add more) and the Bill of Rights.

Sharia law is not welcome here nor are Muslim national holidays. Neither is the closing of public schools or governments or blocking streets to pray. Although it appears anything is possible if we elect the wrong people.

We all have the right of legal and orderly dissent although it is not always welcomed.

Also, to Hispanic newcomers and all others, English is our national language so learn it quickly and tell your kids what my German and Swiss descent parents told us kids; you live in America now, speak the language and obey the laws of this land.

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