Thursday, September 16, 2010

Journal Star - Peoria Park District News

No, this news did not appear in the JS. It appeared in the League of Women Voters of Greater Peoria September, 2010 new letter. It reads, "Peoria Park District: Camera are being installed in park police vehicles; lockers at the RiverPlex have been broken into (again) with the locks apparently needing to be replaced to provide better security; and female fighting has occurred at parks; including a fight promoted to draw an audience."

The time may come when museum promoters rue the day they didn't expand Lakeview; the PPD President says the PPD was never asked, that parking was forced to go underground and costs of the museum building escalated from early $60 million to $92+ million and possibly rising.

Total project cost now projected to be $145-7 million. While the size has shrunk and XAMI my be an IMAX substitute.

What will happen if an unsavory incident happens in the underground parking lot at night? Is added security included in the now $4.4 million yearly (and rising each year) operating budget??

I highly doubt that the Caterpillar Visitors Center will be open after dark.

And why no temperature controlled vault in the PRM? Use the one at Lakeview? Did anyone notice that NO notables from the Peoria Park District were actively involved in any promotion of the new PRM??

Good question.

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steven edward streight said...

You forgot to mention how boring this Ego Shrine for Special Interests is going to be.

It will be risky to visit, then a big disappointment once you've marched around the hallowed halls.

Peoria needs fewer boring money-wasters, not more.

Another example of elitist nobodies being out of touch with the taxpayers and ramming through their agenda like Odumba's healthcare takeover bill that nobody read.