Thursday, September 23, 2010

Citizens for Responsible Spending Petitions

These notarized petitions are due today or tomorrow at the latest according to Karrie Alms. Brad Harding and Gary Sandberg, the leaders of this petition drive have been strangely silent in my request for information over the past 10 days or so. Sandberg was to supply 'blockthebonds' T shirts. Maybe my size were all gone.

I have 800 signatures and I know at least two locations gathered a fair number of signatures, still a long way from 10,000+.

The url site today says 3 more days for petitions to be turned in to the County Clerk, but first, these petitions need to be counted, pages numbered and bound before handing them over to the County Clerk before the office closes Monday. Not all petition gatherers know the location of the url site. Some were surprised that petitions were due now.

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