Thursday, August 05, 2010

Governor Quinn's Political Ads Avoid Voters Who Can Think

To constantly run a political ad condemning Gubernatorial Candidate Brady, Quinn appears to be appealing to welfare people, minimum wage people, out of work people, socialist bent people and village idiots. By claiming that Brady earned a salary of $70+ a year and paid no income tax is meant to rile up people whose only income is as stated above.

Educated types, including the job-seekers, realize that ones salary, if they are fortunate enough to be employed, is just part of your possible earnings and possible losses. When you report these earnings and losses, it is your combined earnings (or losses) on which one pays taxes. If he files a joint return as most of us do, their combined losses or carry forward losses evidently were charged against his salary, thus no overall income but losses on their investments. However, after even a very ordinary accountant puts it all down in legal form showed Brady would legally owe little or no taxes.

No special treatment for Brady. Ask any accountant.

You could explain this to an average forth grader. Just what type of voter is Quinn trying to reach with this elementary low blow ad??


Mike Radigan said...

I had to laugh when I first saw Quinn's ad. Additionally, the ad states Brady's salary doubled over two decades. That's a 3.5% annual increase.

Billy Dennis said...

I have to agree with you Merle. It's one of those non-issue issues that make people mad, but have zero relationship to the value of the candidate.

Too bad there is so much of that going around.