Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tea Party - Best Sign

Recession - when your neighbor loses his or her job
Depression - When you lose your own job
Recovery - When Obama loses his job

Evidently most politicians believe they can spend their way our of recessions and their supporters, usually unions, union workers, public employees, certain financial institutions and some businesses agree, especially if the spending helps them keep their jobs, benefits, and subsidies. After all, aren't politicians elected to benefit the voter? If these politicians support a minority of the electorate and this minority is the financial donater that pays to get them elected and then reelected, that's Democracy, isn't it?

No it isn't but it is. Expect a long recovery, more homes lost, more businesses closing, no increase in employment in the private sector but increases in the non-tax paying public sector, more enhancements like zoo's, trails and museums, being built (high priorities, you know) plus more temporary union jobs. With the intended or unintended higher taxes of all kinds.

I support the concept of Tea Parties but question the ability of the leaders to find the right people to run for office and their ability and resources to get these people elected. Slogans like, "throw the bums out" is not alone a solution.

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