Friday, July 16, 2010

BP Embarrassing Ad

BP ran another full page ad in the Wall Street Journal showing their empathy to the victims of the disaster created by BP and our government regulators and those "leaders" above them. The ad is an embarrassment to BP as the picture in the ad illustrates the apparent disorganization of the the cleanup crews. Twenty five people "working" a slightly polluted approximate 200 feet of beach with 8 "workers" looking like they were doing some work, 5 were actually holding bags and the other 20standing around or milling around.

"County News", a newspaper for County Officials printed a photo with the caption "Workers clean oil from a Pensacola beach...." with one person actually putting polluted sand in a bag being held buy another person while another dozen or so were milling around with no apparent supervision. Some of these "workers" must have been recruited from some of our highway departments.

From all I've read and seen, this cleanup efforts on the beaches appears pretty disorganized. Since the beaches will continue to be polluted for months (or years) to come, cleanup costs will probably double estimates as the same areas will need reworking over and over.

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