Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Establishment

Michael Steele says he is not part of the establishment, John Stossel and Rand Paul say they are not part of the establishment.

Guess I'm part of a pretty good crowd.

One thing I am sure of. If the new crowd can't change the establishment of the two major parties, this country is sunk. After watching the daily major crash of the stock market and reading and watching about world events, this country may be sunk anyway.

Better pull away from your sitcoms and other forms of entertainment and pay attention. Just because both parents work with nice pensions on retirements, I suggest everyone who doesn't live on welfare start paying attention and putting money aside, even if this money doesn't bear much of a return. And even welfare one day may not be guaranteed as charitable giving is down as there is less money to give. And governments are unable to pay their bills, (Think Illinois, California.........)

Remember the saying "Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world". And not always for your best interests.

One half of the adults living in this country have no idea how the stock market collapse, the financial condition of most of the world, this current administration with free spending career bureaucrats from both major parties, is affecting almost everyone.

Who got us into this situation? No question who. The establishment crowd, most with government jobs, health care and pensions and others who are usually financially secure and think they know what's best for the rest of us. If they make you feel secure, I suggest again, you haven't been paying attention.

Don't ever believe that a dictatorship is NOT possible. Why do you think this administration, including the Mayor Daley, wants to take away your guns but are unable to take weapons away from criminals and terrorists?

A defenseless citizenry is ripe for loss of all major freedoms. Read some history starting with The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich which most students have never heard of.

Having said all this, I know there are many in any "establishment" that mean well and do well. They, too, are a "the small group of committed people".

They need your attention and your help. Like in voting. And like in the fledgling Tea Party. Get more involved with the facts.

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steven edward streight said...

I'm greatly disappointed by Rand Paul's racist comments, about how he doesn't like the Civil Rights Act as it pertains to private sector businesses, in keeping with his "libertarian" ideology.

What a dumb thing to say, especially with Democrats jumping at any opportunity to play the race card, and given Odumba's racial bias.