Monday, April 12, 2010

The Peoria Riverfront Museum Progress - PRM

Show the referendum "no" voters, the money. And now, also show a large number of the "yes" voters, the money. After all these years and all the promises, funds to start building an underground garage and museum is as much as $14+ million short.

Oh, there is apparently enough money to build the approximately $9 million garage. (Do you suspose that a lot of "yes" voters, the same ones who are now asking doctors to treat them free), realized they would have to pay to park, pay to see the IMAX Theatre (will there be one with FIRST run shows?? Or even one at all?) and pay to enter and pay to see certain gallery shows and exhibits?

And maybe pay to visit the Caterpillar Visitors Center?

On 12/23/09 a short 4 months ago, Mark Johnson, Peoria County Museum Project Manager was quoted in the Times newspaper, "Johnson said the group has about $4 million in cash. I don't have a breakdown of where the approximately $12 million in cash has gone."

Our County Administrator last week, said the group has about $2.2 million in cash.

Don't blame Peoria County for the delays; Museum supporters, show the public the money or drop this farce abetted by Bradley Professors and community dreamers who apparently won't part with the funds to fund the PRM.

Oh, you best and the brightest, you're still waiting on Durbin, Smith, Koehler, Leitch and Schock to fund it with more taxpayer dollars? I see. Maybe they should FIRST pay the bills they have been responsible for not paying.

My readers may oneday want to go back in my archives and read my blog of Monday, December 3, 2007, titled "Peoria Riverfront Museum Fund Raising Progress". Might be interesting.

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