Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obama's Fly Arounds

It is reported today that Obama will make his approximately 300th visits around the world in 17 months, this time to Missouri, Iowas and Illinois to tell the true believers how he is cutting their taxes and letting them take home more of their income. Taking home? Most of what this president says are half-truths, subtle falsehoods and a lot of outright lies. Has anyone calculated what it costs a community to host him for just a day? The JS said Biden's visit cost local taxpayers $44,000 plus attempting to charge the JS $265 to report on his visit including rental of a 15 passenger bus for 5 JS staffers.

And that was just local costs.

These fly-arounds give Obama opportunity to continue his efforts to unionize all U.S workers in the private sector; he, the Democrats and "big labor" have already succeeded in large private sectors and the public sector is being unionizing at a stepped up pace. Also, to brag how he is "leveling the playing field" incomewise for all who could but won't work and all who have their hands out, while assuring that certain big businesses like the unionized auto makers, share in the subsidies. Not to mention all the dozens of other subsidized industries from agriculture to ethanol to wind farms and bio-diesel plants and a multitude of other alternate energies.

If he visits the Peoria area, I'll be "out of town".

In the meantime the $11,000,000,000,000; that is $11 TRILLION, maybe $13 trillion by the end of the month national debt. The interest we are paying on our borrowings from foreign companies is obscene.

In case you non-voters have forgotten, "we" are the government. We elected these people. With turn-outs of 20+ of registered voters, we are not yet a dictatorship; give it another generation or so.

If some still believe that when elected officials brag about saving taxpayer dollars that they are really going to save it, you are wrong; they already have a dozen places selected where they are going to spend these "savings".

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Merle Widmer said...

Some anonymous person asked my source to Obama's fly arounds. All I can say is read the news. One of the places he was planning to visit was Quincy, Il.

Whether he alsways goes were his press secretary announces he may go or he may not go for various reasons.