Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bradley Men's Basketball

After losing to Northern Iowas 57-40 in the second round of the Missouri Valley Championships, Bradley waits by the phone to see if they are invited to a third or fourth rate tournament. With a record of 16 wins and 15 losses, the only people who would come out to watch this "tournament of losers" are the Bradley faithful. The tournament sponsors know this so the games would be played at Bradley. While Bradley, under Les, has never fielded a really great team; the one trip to the NCAA was exciting, tournament sponsors know that Bradley basketball at the Civic Center will always be a good draw. These "best of the worst" loser tournaments are all about money.

In a Kirk Wessler, JS, interview with sixth year senior Sam Singh, Singh said, "I had a blast with these guys. I could have been out in the real world, miserable working everyday from 9-5. Thanks to the opportunity Coach Les gave me, I was able to come back for a sixth year."

Times have really changed. I couldn't wait to graduate and seek employment in the real world.

Maybe MR. Singh should stay at Bradley working on various degrees and university employment until he is old enough to retire at 55 or earlier. Otherwise, surely some employer in the private sector might hire him because he played basketball at Bradley and because he is a big kid, 7 feet tall. In his final "real" game, sixth year senior Singh scored 1 point out of 40 for this exciting basketball team.

Having such fun instead of being miserable every day "working" from 9-5.

I was present when fiery Jim Les was hired years ago promising an "exciting" brand of tournament winning basketball. I suggest it's time for Mr. Singh to get a real job and Bradley to hire a new coach who will bring an exciting winning brand of basketball back to Bradley. A coach who will train young men to go out and make their mark in the "real" world as soon they can graduate.

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mazr said...

My suggestion: Bruce Weber

I know he just got a contract extension, but I think he should have stayed in the Valley.

Solid coach....seems to have sold his soul to land some recruits.