Friday, March 12, 2010

Asphalt Ordinance - 2nd Lawsuit Against Peoria County

Just received notice of a 2nd lawsuit against the Peoria County Board filed by non-union asphalt pavers whose businesses are located in Peoria County. I wish them success. There is growing evidence of shrinking union membership in the private sector and an expanding of unions in the public sector.

The word is out from union leadership; expand unions membership in the private sector through elected public bodies. Make it more difficult to do business with the public sector for those not unionized and those who do not always pay prevailing wages.

Consequences of the Davis-Bacon keep coming back to eliminate competitiveness costing the taxpayers more dollars.

Just like the minimum wage acts that allow illegal immigrants to take less than minimum wage thus eliminating school kids and job entry kids from access to these jobs and earning, at least, some money.


Just say NO to bad asphalt! said...

If the Peoria County Board loses these lawsuits, surely the board members who passed it will happily pay the legal defense costs, because they have the wisdom and foresite to know that no matter what, Whatever it takes, we absolutely CANNOT tolerate a community that does not have the highest expectations for their asphalt! So here is a challenge to Bonnie HESTER, Lynn Scott PEARSON, Andrew RAND, Bud SOUS, Allen MAYER, James DILLON, Phil SALZER, Mike PHELAN, Chairman Tom O'NEILL, Patricia HIDDEN. Who among you will annie up the countys legal defense costs if the plaintiff's prevail? We all know the importance of a community having GREAT ASPHALT, so this should not be a problem.
Thanks to these fine representatives of the people, no longer will Peorians have to lie in bed at night worrying about the quality of their asphalt. You just can't put a price on that! Bad asphalt has been plaguing us for YEARS, and now the long county wide nightmare is over. Now we can sit back and reap the benefits of people moving back into the county in droves knowing that we will never ever become prey to bad asphalt providers again! Thank God we have these fine public servants looking out for our best itnerests. There is no greater Hell than living in a county that does not have HIGH ASPHALT STANDARDS. I thank my lucky stars every day since this was passed!! Thank you thank you thank you fine members of the Peoria County board. We look forward to your personal contribution of cash to defend this county from these savages that promote bad asphalt!

Anonymous said...

Peoria county board is trying to become a little Chicago with all the crime from within. Now we have to hire more inspectors to watch the asphalt driveways. Hell we can't even afford the police yet we have to hire inspectors.

Too much power for self serving fools with big egos.