Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Shoe Drops on the City and County Taxpayers

Many times I posted that taxpayers should pay more attention to what is happening in this community that is going to directly deplete your wealth. I recently noted the "possible failure" of more taxpayer supported businesses but I was and am not in a position to name them.

I will do a full story soon on FireFly and then on the next "shoe" that probably has already dropped. Lot's of taxpayer dollars lost that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN LOST.
I have frequently advised board members that the County should not be in the Venture Capital business with TAXPAYER dollars. When Allen Mayer became Chairman, I left this committee at the start of 2008 with the blessing of most of the committee members.

I am in the process of laying out this whole story to the public on this site Check "The Peoria Chronicle" blogsite as C.J. has part of the story. I will blog most of the rest.

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Anonymous said...

steve weibring

writes leave to the losers to back another failing business

why doesn't the city get into not backing firefly