Sunday, February 21, 2010

PBC's Blank Check to Peoria Public School District #150

Quoting Jim Thornton, executive secretary for the Public Building Commission, "This is not a blank check for the school district. The commission has been a steward of the taxpayers. This commission has worked hard to provide funding for the school district (#150) without a BIG impact on the taxpayers, and the whole end product is the schools--the new schools allow for the advancement in education."

Thornton was speaking about the $97 million (so far) that is being spent and funded by tax-supported bonds. Actually borrowing over $90 million means the actual cost to be borne largely by property owners will total over $150 million.

Will new schools bring the level of student learning up to or above standards set for the state and will property tax payers in the district see "advancement in education"?

Good question especially for the younger people who plan to retire in Peoria and the retirees already here.

Everybody likes "new". Unfortunately, it will be mainly the property owners who will pay for the "new". If these schools will soon allow space in the County Jail and Juvenile Center to be closed, the welfare kitchens eventually be closed except for the very unfortunate, teachers and principals working for less money now that they have beautiful buildings with lots of windows, I could possibly see a return in the investment.

Unfortunately, I won't be around to bear witness.


Anonymous said...

Iam Morrision

writes hey merle so if we get 5 million for the musuem from the stste. The state takes the money for the health insurance premium for the state employees says get stuffed as far insurance and gives it to us for the musuem and then the insurance company am best downgrades the insurance that has the state insurance their bill goes unpaid and then 731 million owed state univerisities who needs education huh when got a musuem

I guess those are consequences when 11 biilion in debt

Merle Widmer said...

McConoughey, like all of us who read, hire, teach, attend meetings, etc., agree that education is a high priority. In Sunday's JS, Jim's answer to the question of the large amount, $97 million new debt being saddled on the property tax paying community, was of a concern? His answer, "if these facility improvements make the teachers and principals better and more effective and provide the type of learning environment that is needed, then it is worth it."

A very big IF. We will see.

Merle Widmer said...

This is a 2010 blog. Someone moved it back to the top. Thanks, you are welcome to move more of my old posts forward. I was notified a long time ago that someone was sharing my site, No big problem yet because I have NOTHING to hide on my site.

Yes, I said a big IF. Things goten better since 2010?? Main change I SEE is the increasing amount of property taxes I pay to support this questionable District.