Wednesday, February 03, 2010

LaHood Speaks - Stockholders Weep

When Transportation Secretary misspoke about owning certain Toyota Series and stop driving them, Toyota stock dropped as much as 7% causing a lot of grief to stockholders and drivers. LaHood corrected his mistake and admitted he mis-spoke but the damage had already been done. What he meant to say was that the driver should take their Toyota to a dealer.

Even that was incorrect as the corrective parts haven't arrived at most, if any, of the dealers.

People in high places should know all the facts before they speak or write letters. reminds of the recent Caterpillar letter to Peoria County.

They mis-spoke and have yet to apologize. Nor do I expect one from the most powerful entity in the area.

Oh, well.

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IDNKM said...

While a stuck accelerator is not a good thing, it is not life threatening if you can find the brake pedal, or the gear shift or the ignition. All prevent a stuck accelerator pedal from continuing to drive the car forward.