Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Laborers' Union Letter to County Board Members Regarding the Asphalt Material Paving Ordinance

I received a letter dated 2/1/10, from this union's business manager stating, "I am disheartened at the attempt of the opposition to create a diversion from the intent of this ordinance, which is consumer protection." "The ordinance has no bearing on job loss. Any contractor has the opportunity to sign a collective bargaining agreement with the Laborers. Experienced and qualified craftsman are always being sought after and are welcome into the Laborers."

I support most unions where the workers WANT to join the union and make their desires know by SECRET ballot. I oppose this "free" Employees Free Choice Act (EFCA)which is OPEN balloting so union members can see who voted yes or no. Only a fool cannot see the consequences the "no" voters would reap. Fortunately, a number of Democrats up for re-election see the folly of this Obama proposal he is still trying to push through.

There is a mistaken belief that card carrying workers do the best job. A union plumber broke part of what he was supposed to fix and never came back to repair it. A union paver did my driveway that started to disintegrate in less than a year. When I threatened to sue him if he didn't redo it, he said I would force him into bankruptcy so I settled for reimbursement of one fifth of what I paid for the job.


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Merle - please never stop being you! Sometimes people don't like the message so they blame the messenger. That's why Jesus was crucified.