Monday, November 30, 2009

Boys and Girls Club Grinnell Location

Just an update on the request for funds for a new roof on the Boys and Girls Club owned building at the Grinnell location. This building has been closed since May 1. 2007 yet was advertised as being open as late as May 2008 issue of IB, pages 42 and 43. The building is currently used by RiverCity Construction as they build Harrison School.

The Grinnell location was closed on May 1, 2007, according to then President Larry Dunn, "because the gangs had taken over the buildings activities and the club could not afford a security officer."

I sent this email to City Manager Scott Moore, Councilman Clyde Gulley and Mayor Ardis. Taxpayer dollars are being requested to re-roof the Grinnell Boys and Girls Club location, closed since May 1, 2007 and currently being used as a site for RiverCity Construction as they build the new Harrison School.

Before advising the City Council for more misguided use of taxpayer dollars, I recommend you read my blogs, "Boys and Girls Club" and "Boys and Girls Club Revisited", dated 6/4/07 and 6/7/07, easily found on my sidebar archives,. Plus my comments on C.J. Summers blog site last week, "The Peoria Chronicle". The Peoria Chronicle blogger is now covering City Council Meetings.

Mr. Moore, being new in town you will learn that local bloggers are very active in bringing debatable issues to the fore front.

To find by blog site just dial in Merle Widmer on your search bar and it will take you to Merle Widmer Peoria Watch.

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