Sunday, November 01, 2009

America Returns to the Rule of Law

So says the JSEB Saturday. That bad guy Bush is gone and now "dedicated to kill us" people like Al-Marri, are going to be back in business in 5 years. That he will be out in 5 years? I'll take bets. Five years to win converts to his cause, subtly, of course, good behavior, you know.

Credit to Phil Luciano of the JS. He, like me and a lot of others, had the guts to tell it like it is.

I heard he was a good family man, a Muslim, who ran over and may have killed his daughter because she was becoming to "westernized"....Then, he tried to flee the U.S. Just like a lot of crooks on Wall Street. But they don't outright kill very many people. Just cause associates to take their own lives.


Merle Widmer said...

Bad editing on my part. Fleeing the country was in reference to the Muslim man from Arizona who ran over his daughter with his car because whe was becoming to "westernized". This "family" man then tried to flee the country. His daughter was probably also seen with an "infidel" without her having a Muslim relative in tow.

Sharia Law in the U.S., you know.

Merle Widmer said...

His daughter died. Her "father" should be charged with aggravated murder and hanged. Oh, they don't hang people in Arizona anymore. Too bad, it should be done in a civilized way with a ceremony in the public square; public invited like they do in certain parts of the civilized Middle East society.

I'll bet Joe A. would go along with that.

Sharia law, is coming to the U.S., you know. Oh, again I forgot. He is just the ALLEGED perp. Lot's of money spent on big trials in the CIVILIZED U.S. Just like EXPENSIVE justice for the alleged murderer at Ft. Hood.

I do have a fonder connection with Ft. Hood. When I was sales manager in Dallas, I had a salesman covering the Ft. Hood Army base.

Anonymous said...

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