Monday, September 28, 2009

Employee Free Choice Act - 2

If anyone doubts where I stand on this issue, look-up my blogs dated 10/30/08 and 5/16/09 in my sidebar archives. Some Democrats and strong union supporters on the County Board took issue on May 12 or 14 2009, two letters to McConoughey, the same with different dates, about an email sent out over the signature of Jim McConoughey who is President of the Heartland Partnership, an email sent in error that evidently wasn't complimentary to union organizers.

McConoughey and The Heartland Partnership, umbrella over a number of economic development entities such as the Greater Peoria Chamber of Commerce and the EDC, took responsibility for the missile. In a letter dated May 14, 2009 carboning in Tom O'Neill, County Board Chairman, McConoughey and Sid Banwart, Heartland Partnership
Chairman took responsibility for the email. Several apologies to the Peoria County Board have been issued.

County Board Democrat member Allen Mayer along with other board Democrats continue to take extreme issue with the email and the fact that the event described in the email featured Karl Rove who was in town to lobby against the EFCA. It is now almost October and the the County Board Democrats are still hot about the issue. They threaten to pull County Economic Development funds from next years budget. $113,000 was budgeted last year. I understand today that the EDC had a meeting with County Board Member, Andrew Rand.

I read many of the articles that Rove writes because he is an intellect. I often do not agree with Rove's approach but what's new. I agree less with Rahm Emanuel, once famously described in the Washington Post as a "wiry-thin, foul-mouthed, tough-talking ballet dancer from Chicago".

Like some Democrats have told me on other issues, get over it and move on. The Democrats should decide to work with the EDC, who I have not always been happy with either, or set up your own County Board run EDC. Probably better to K&MU than to go it alone.

As to the EFCA? Take time to read the language which some Democrats did and are helping hold up passage. Karl Rove would be the best in reading the "fine print" in the proposed legislation. The private sector has long realized passage would not be in their best interests.

Keep knocking down business and you'll find out who furnishes the jobs that keep people employed and pay taxes. Businesses who make a profit, that's who.

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