Monday, August 17, 2009

Peoria's Armadillo

"Will it Play in Peoria" hit the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) today as part of a front page story about Police Chief Settingsgaard's efforts to harass drug dealers and other nuisances that plague 'this industrial city, hard hit by the recession'." So says the headline, 'Armadillo Plays Well in Peoria but is Panned by Drug Dealers'. While lauding Peoria's efforts, the WSJ couldn't help but describe "Peoria as an 'industrial' city, affected by 10% unemployment, with drug trafficking that plagues pockets of the city marked by boarded windows, littered lawns and noise complaints".

Where is Brent Lonteen and Henry Hollings when we need someone to tell media giants that Peoria is indeed, a "world class city"? And, yes, where is Mr. Lonteen??

Overall, a good article and it brings up Peoria as being innovative. Unfortunately, the City has a lot of baggage to carry with #150, lots of under-assessed properties, (also, lots of OVER-assesed residential properties) empty big and small box stores, budget dollar shortages and more drug users than drug dealers.

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