Monday, August 03, 2009

Merle's Musings

My computer problems seem to be mainly solved with a lot of help from a friend. We believe MSN was the major culprit and even today my list of stocks I was following disappeared. Again.

I made a wrong estimate of the stock market rebound, especially on Caterpillar which is making a very strong comeback, trading in the $44-45 range after evidently receiving upgrades rising from a 4 to an 8 stock scouter rating. Appears most bets are on the come meaning a rising economy at least into 2010 when maybe the economy will be thriving or maybe facing the reality of what our new administration is doing; spending more, taxing more, going into debt further and helping build bigger government bureaucracies all over the country.

Most Caterpillar business is done outside of North America which does not seem to bode well for local laid off employees and offers little or no hope for those fired. Strangely enough, I have noted little inside buying unless my MSN Money is not current in purchases. The other good news is that Caterpillar management and employees should be able to bridge the financial gap to fund the museum without imposing further strain on the public sector, many still unemployed.

Saturday's WSJ led off with an attack on a congressman who had put $200,000 in his stimulus package for a museum when his and our infrastructure nationwide is in a relatively rundown condition, from bridges to crumbling, potholed, surfaces. Of note are the sad conditions of Rt. 40 curbs and surfaces through Peoria to Rt. 74, Rt. 150including War Memorial Drive and many parts of Rt. 29 now getting some new surfacing. Elsewhere, repairs are being made only to reappear again after next winter's "freezing and thawing".

Not enough money to repair so they just fix. Or "maintain".

In the city crumbling curbs are not an exception and even Edgewild had a pothole deep enough to blow a tire. Of course, the dangerous storm water inlet at White Oak Mall remains dangerous. My case before Judge Vespa has been taken under advisement. JS reporter Terry Bibo is keeping tack of the proceedings which include the City attorney's claim that she did not receive my amended complaint even though it was delivered by the Peoria County Sheriff's Office on July 20 and signed for by the assistant to City Clerk Mary Ryan. Also the city denied me the legal description of the city right of way on which this "big hole" is located. I was able to get a GIS from Peoria County clearly showing that the 16 1/2 foot wide area running from E. Lake Ave. from Knoxville toward Peoria Heights, is clearly city property. The city now says the drain was put in "by the developers" but could show no evidence, therefore the statement is "hearsay". The city does admit it "maintains" the inlet. Even if the developer 40 or so years ago did install this storm water inlet on city property, the city would have had to approve it's design and placement.


The city attorney also claimed that the county owns that area but I was able to produce a letter from the County Highway Superintendent saying that it does not belong to the county. The city originally claimed it was owned by the Sanitary District but that was disproved in a letter from the SD.

The city now claims that the entry and exit from White Oak Mall where the storm water inlet (drain) was never intended be be used for "vehicular travel".

Go see for yourself where this unmarked, un-maintained hole is located but be careful that you do not blow a tire as did another traveler did recently after hitting the same "hole". Advise from the Peoria City's major insurance company to drivers in that area "learn to drive more responsibly". Sure, and in the winter snow, just remember exactly where this hole is located.

My good news is that a judge recently denied reinstatement to a recent University of Colorado professor, the infamous Ward Churchill. Just hope he isn't placed in some position of authority in our government.

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