Thursday, August 27, 2009

Abandoned and Structurally Unsafe Homes and Buildings

The States Attorney filed suit against Jerry J. Underwood on April 29, 2009 for suit against the owner for failure to re-construct or demolish a structure located at 1630 Oakwood in the County of Peoria that has been in a mostly deteriorating state since the time I was elected to the County Board. The SAO filed a motion to default on 6/9/09. The case went to trial on June 29, 2009. The judge ruled in favor of Peoria County. The county received permission to remove this structure and charge the homeowner for expenses incurred. The County received an estimate of $3600 and is planning to demolish on September 1. Limestone Township has offered to pay up to $1600 in costs for what I believe, is if the County is not able to collect from the owner.

I have been battling this problem as well as other problems with unsafe structures for many years and this is a major accomplishment. I invite the press to attend this rather historic event. Over the past years, I have attempted to get #150 and Habitat for Humanity involved in removal and salvage of unsafe structures in the County of Peoria but neither party showed any interest.

I hope at least one TV station shows up for this event as a positive in "cleaning up our neighborhoods".

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Merle Widmer said...

Demolition is scheduled to start ats 8:00 Tuesday.