Monday, July 13, 2009

Representative Aaron Schock Requests Meeting with Peoria Public Park Superintendent and Park Board President

On February 28, 2009, Congressman Schock requested a meeting with Superintendent Noble and President Cassidy, to ask that they compile a list of "shovel ready" projects for the stimulus package.

The list composed was as follows:

Pimiteoui Bike Trail (Kellar Branch. This project includes the construction of a six mile section of bike trail on the Kellar Branch railroad through Peoria. Total request - $1.8 million

Grand View Drive Bluff Watershed and Roadway Stabilization - $1.8 million

Glen Oak Parking Lot Improvements. This project includes construction of a lighted pervious concrete parking lot for 125 cars to meet the needs of activities within historic Glen Oak Park and an expanded Peoria Zoo. - $750,000.00

Glen Oak Park Open Space Acquisition. The project would include the acquisition of 12parcels located adjacent to historic Glen Oak Park. The included scope includes the necessary appraisals, platting, demolition and restoration of open space. Plenty of room for lots of pork here. - $1.2 million

New Peoria Park District Administrative Offices and Community Center located at 6017 N. Knoxville Ave. - Renovate an existing facility to provide a new, consolidated, and efficient administration building for the Peoria Park District. Architectural work has been completed, and this project would have been put out for bid for 2009 construction, but has been delayed by the state of the economy. - $2.9 million

Proctor Center, which the park said was underutilized and needed a lot of work has already received $212,500.00 as part of a matching grant. Grant from who? The state?

Pork barrel and earmarks and if you can find any real stimulus in any of these projects, please explain your definition of stimulus.


Anonymous said...

No stimulus here - at least according to Schock. He was against the stimulus bill "wasteful spending" - so by process of elimination this MUST be (and is) pork. This is just the "business as usual" method of buying support back home to help assure re-election. $3M for a Park District administration building that will be populated by Republican supporting Schock? And this isn't pork? If it oinks and stinks as much as this does it has to be pork.

Anonymous said...

Its the Rock Island Trail not the Pimiteoui Bike Trail.