Saturday, June 20, 2009

Terry Bibo - Column in Today's Journal Star

Terry wrote a good summation of my day in court. Thanks, Terry, I appreciate your coverage.

I cannot comment on my case against the city as Judge Vespa is allowing both parties to file any additional or supplemental affidavits or pleadings on July 31, 1:00, in Room 210 in the Peoria County Court House.

I can blog about some events leading up to my decision to sue. The accident happened last August. I had asked my insurance company to collect my $500 deductible. When I was notified by them that they could not collect my $500 deductible, I considered suing and to represent myself as I felt I could get this maybe 40 year dangerous situation corrected. I felt it should have been reconstructed many years ago for the safety of all vehicles exiting Oak Cliff Park to Lake Ave.

Eventually, I learned that the city's insurance carrier had notified my insurance company that the accident area was the responsibility of the Greater Peoria Sanitary District. At my request, a GSPD Engineer came out with his computer and quickly determined it was not in any way connected the GPSD.

I enlisted the help of City Councilman Gary Sandberg, who interrupted a Yankee baseball game he was watching and rode his motorcycle out to the scene of the accident. From there, he called City Planning Director Pat Landes, who came out in the evening hours to look at the problem area. I very much appreciate Pat's concern and dedication to her job.

I knew if I called Gary to visit the scene of the accident, Gary would take an interest as Gary has great concern for the well-being of the citizens of the City of Peoria. I had previously told then City Councilman Patrick Nichting who represented the district where I live. He said that he would check into it. Sometime later, he suggested I contact David Barber, Public Works Director. I did and Mr. Barber told me he would personally go out and look at the problem area.

The winter season changed to spring and no corrective action had been taken. The 12" deep "hole" was scarred all along the edges showing many vehicles had accidentally dropped into this "hole" (storm water inlet) over the years.

My thanks to Gary and my appreciation of Judge Joe Vespa's concern for the safety of the citizens and visitors to the City of Peoria.

And thanks again Terry for a well written "Widmer Fights City Over Big Hole".

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