Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PPD and U. S. Representative Aaron Schock

Five million dollars in "appropriations" was requested by the Peoria Park District for year 2009. I refer you back to my blog of 5/29/09 titled "PPD Taxpayer Dollar Requests". Can anyone tell me without filing an FOIA, how much of this "non-priority" $5 million from the PPD wish list has been granted so far? I know $212,000 for playground improvements was authorized for Proctor Center.

I find these non-priority requests in the process of being authorized by a Republican who is always hammering the Democrats for giving away our tax dollars as being more than interesting. I'm still waiting for the announcement of x-millions coming from the stimulus bill or some other bill, all taxpayers dollars, coming to Peoria to bail out the $17 million or more the Peoria Riverfront Museum shortfall.

When I think of so many politicians in both parties, I'm reminded of an old song, "they are all alike at the bottom, selfish, grasping......"

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