Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bel-Wood Safety Net - Or Local Nursing Home Competitor?

After the full board approves the building of a new Bel-Wood believing they do not need to bring the issue to the public, I will blog on the dialogue and facts presented or not presented.

One fact that Bel-Wood was fined $10,000 for failure to provide adequate service to residents. Board Member Bob Baietto told me he was not aware of the fine yet the one line info was in our board packet weeks ago. (At the board meeting last night, he said I was wrong and that he did lnow we were fined and what we were fined for. So what were we fined for doing wrong, Bob? No one seems to want to say so let's hear it from you.

Another is that we all agreed we needed a sprinkler system at BW and collected over $14 million in property taxes since 2003 that went directly to Bel-Wood. Why didn't we install one years ago like in 1999, estimated cost $2 million, as recommended by then County Administrator, Jim Dakin? And why not a new roof that has leaked for years?

With property taxes totaling $14 million and other subsidies totaling almost $5 million ("other subsidies of $5 million" is not correct, closer to $1.5 million, sorry) made by the county to BW starting in 2003, the question is, why didn't we put on a new roof and put in the sprinkler system?

And our BW administrator said on 12/17/2007, we were making a profit at BW? When we were taking in all this taxpayer money?

Of course, we all know there is no glory in "renovating". "New" in Peoria, is in.


I hit the wrong key and this blog published so I'll leave it and add other details why BelWood operations have been the major concern of the county for at least 15 years. Lawsuits? "Of course", said States Attorney Kevin Lyons, "every nursing home has them". But as big as the one we recently settled for over $300,000.00??

Stay tuned.

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