Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sorry, Karen, I thought with all the things the JS prints, this meeting should have had coverage. Certainly not your fault and I apologize to you. I also apologize to Administrator Patrick Urich and his management team for printing some things that I should not have printed.

Today, Administrator Urich and Financial officer Eric Bush gave the Health and Environmental Committee a well prepared and well presented overview of the new Bel-Wood. Also, a projected operating statement including all the variables I have asked for. Our Administrator and Financial Officer lent supporting figures showing that a new now $41 million (maximum scenario) Bel-Wood will be self supporting. Projected property tax revenue going to Bel-Wood would increase to about $4,500,000 a year by 2042 or 2043.

While I disagree with administration on some select issues, I reaffirm that we have the most competent administrator in Peoria County. I look to Patrick and his very knowledgeable staff to encourage cooperation from all employees to properly guide us through what I observe are the most trying times for a majority of the citizens we serve.

Karen McDonald's explanatory email follows:

I'm back to work today -- off Monday and Tuesday -- wanted at least to
let YOU know...
We knew about the meeting on Friday.I agree, it was important.
I was on "the desk" Friday, meaning, I was the assignment editor, worked
8 to 4 and thus not available to write any stories.
We had two interns. Both had other essential duties.
We simply had no one to send to the meeting. Frustrating I know, such is
the changing state of affairs.
I was off today and yesterday, thus I couldn't folo up. I see no one
else has, either, probably because they all are doing other things. I
said I could follow on the story Wednesday when I return. I'm back and I
Talk to you soon

Karen McDonald
Political reporter
Journal Star
1 News Plaza
Peoria, IL 61643
(309) 686-3285 - Office phone
(309) 696-6453 - Cell
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Diane Vespa said...

How does that crow taste? Lol!

Merle Widmer said...


Put on this blog what you think I should be apologizing. You don't think that the JS shouldn't have covered this meeting?

Also, with probably 9 union card carriers on the board, do you honestly believe that a warning message wasn't out to the union before my blog 4 days after the meeting on Friday? And why would it have been a surprise as the whole world may be nearing or in a depression. Do you think it is only the private sector that should bear the burden??

I did nothing causing me to eat have to eat crow. I din't ask why Karen wasn't there, I asked why the JS felt other stories were more important. I have been warning the county board that this was coming for many months. See my blog later today.

And my LTR in the CW next issue.