Friday, May 29, 2009

PPD Taxpayer Dollars Requests

The Peoria Public Park District has requested taxpayer help this year through our elected official(s) in D. C.; a total of approximately $5 million. $212,500 has been approved as of May 1 (of a total of $425,000 requested) for Proctor Center Park Redevelopment. Proctor services a small number of residents on the Southwest side of Peoria. Average loss per year; about $300,000.00. This $425,000 will be used for recreation improvements including a splash pool that will close at 5:00 PM.

Glen Oak Park Open Space Acquisition, $1.2 million (remember this one I blogged on a couple months ago: the PPD asking for your money again to buy back the houses from #150, your property tax dollars paid for these houses) on Prospect Rd.

Grandview Drive erosion control (PPD) $1.8 million.

Headquarters Building Construction $1.4 million.

These are the largest requests from DC (Representative Aaron Schock)along with the PPD's usual requests for public funding from various other governmental bodies, all to supplement their $41 million 2009 budget.

Yet the PPD claims to be operating "in the black". today's JS.


Anonymous said...

unknown sender

what percent is peoria deficit to the general fund of peoria, assuming you give right answer and not afraid they hunt u down

Merle Widmer said...

None to the GF. Administration says just the $3.6-4 million from our cash reserves. As I understand it, we are not in bad shape now, just what the future may hold in taking in less than we spend. So we are going to spend less.